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Do Healthcare Advertising Agencies Earn Their Keep?

    Did you know 46 percent of daily Internet searches are for information on products and services? Searching for a physician or specific medical service is no different. The new generation of consumer begins their research with “Google” or by asking their “friends” on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or one of the many other social networking sites. Physicians and office managers are bogged down in the daily function of their practice and marketing often gets tossed aside. Meanwhile, other practices are implementing key lead generation strategies and grabbing up your potential customers. How can you compete?

    If this scenario sounds familiar, you would do well to consult a healthcare advertising agency. These groups of professionals can help launch your practice into the 21st century of healthcare marketing. Consider the following statistics documented by a study from HubSpot based on research gathered from its 4000 clients.

    *Businesses who blogged at least 20 times per month got nearly four times more leads than those who didn’t.

    *Businesses with over 40 landing pages got 12 times more leads than those with only one to five landing pages.

    *Businesses with 301 to 1,000 twitter followers got four times more leads than those with only 1 to 25 followers.

    *Businesses with more than 1,000 Facebook “friends” reported 12 times more leads.

    What does all this mean to you? Your practice is missing out on patient leads if you are not fully utilizing Internet marketing and healthcare advertising agencies. Today’s patient likes interaction and easy accessibility. They are more likely to ask their friends on Facebook for a physician referral instead of using the Yellow Pages. However, there is more to Internet marketing that just designing a Web site and creating accounts on the various social networking sites. Tags, links, keywords, optimization, compelling content and various other techniques need to be constructed strategically to position your practice in the online community.

    A healthcare advertising agency can help you customize an Internet marketing plan that maximizes your visibility and lead generation capabilities. Once implemented, these professionals can help analyze what strategies are working so you can continue to evolve them and discontinue the ones that are not advantageous.

    Communication methods are constantly evolving. Just as a physician constantly researches the most effective techniques for his particular specialty, healthcare advertising agencies are diligent in their research of the most effective techniques. Put your marketing in the hands of the professionals, let us show you how.

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